Cheveyo "Chevy" Wolfe
First appearance Awakenings
Name Cheveyo Wolfe
Aliases Chevy
Status Active
Classification Totem Warrior
Affiliation Dark Falls High School

Dark Falls Wolves

Known Relatives Papa Joe (grandfather)
Notable Powers
  • Enhanced physical attributes
  • Enhanced senses
  • Trained in hand-to-hand fighting
Portrayed by  Rusty

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Cheveyo or Chevy as he prefers to be called has been a bit of a troubed teen. His grandfater Papa Joe or Pops as Chevy prefers to call him, much to his dislike, insist on living in the tradional fastion of the Diroc. Pops raised Chevy since hid birth, his mother dying shortly after giving birth and his father comletly unknown to him. He was raised to survive off the land, and he has hated every moment of it. Almost since he could go to school and sign up for sports he has been there. He lives for the game. The Wolves are his family, at least this is how he felt until more recent events. He is fluent in French which he took up so he could sneak into canade to buy beer, this led him to get arrested and placed on probation. One night after practice while talking to Lizzie, Chevy was attacked by another member of the team, during to ensuing fight a group of small creatures emerged from the ground, Chevy has since dubbed these pigmies, and began attacking him. It was at this point that the spectral form of Shadow Dancer appeared and bestowed him with his totem. Chevy has had a hard time adjusting to this change. He likes the increased strength and speed that the totem powers have granted him. But the constant death that seems to now surround him is taking its toll on him. He has gotten a bit closer to pops as of late and to Ruth. He is worried for those he cares about. While Chevy is a bit of a bully, a smart mouthed rebel and quick to fight he does have a good heart and dosent want to see this coming darkness consume more lives.

Powers and Abilities

Totem Warrior

Season 3





  • The addition of Chevy required the sudden emergence of Old Town and the expansion of the Dark Falls Wolves (at least a dozen NPC's) and the total reimaging of the Diroc.


Season 3

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