John "JD" Doe
First appearance 3.4 Asylum
Name John "JD" Doe
Aliases JD
Status Active
Classification Human
Notable Powers
  • Has only exhibited enhanced physical prowess to date
John Doe #23, or just "JD", is a patient at Ashbrook Asylum.


He was found in Dark Falls Forest with burns on 90% of his body. He was in the hospital for about a month before being moved to the Asylum. It is difficult to tell the extent of the damage to his body because he keeps himself wrapped head to toe in surgical bandages. In addition to his retrograde amnesia, JD also suffers from PTSD and a severe phobia to fire. He has personally admitted to the cast that he does not sleep and spends his time either sketching or secretly exploring the asylum.

A few of the cast members have begun to suspect that JD could in fact be Kai, who was thought to have died in the Mensi Manor explosion despite his body never being found.

Powers and Abilities

JD has demonstrated a proclivity in advanced athletics and acrobats. He is able to climb trees just by jumping between them. JD has also shown at least a passing skill in knife fighting.


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