"Ex Ignorantia Ad Sapientiam; E Luce Ad Tenebras"

Miskatonic University was founded in 1947 by the Proctor Family after they moved into the area. It initial only consisted of the Boyd Forestry and Environmental Studies school and a few other specialized classes, but it eventually grew into the respected and prestigious establishment it is today. Home to many departments and offering a vast array of degrees, MU allows those that attend the option of mundane choices of English and History, or the more exotic options of Molecular Biophysics, Comparative Religion and Metallurgy.

The University’s architecture is as well known as its programs. Constructed of quarried stacks of varying shades of brown stone, all the buildings feature numerous ivy-covered arches and peaked gray slate roofs. Only a select few structures deviate from this pattern and if one doesn’t know exactly where they are on the four square city block campus, located just south of Oceanlake, they could become easily lost.

There have been horror stories about how overconfident freshmen would make their way onto campus fully intending to find their classes, only to become unfathomably lost and end up in the dusty stacks of some abandoned department or gone forever in the labyrinthine steam tunnels below.

The school is fairly accommodating to serious students and funds numerous research and expedition programs. Unfortunately it also has reputation as a party college where a lot of rich spoiled kids end up to get a diploma and have fun.


  • Robert Ethan Whitby (Director of the Registar)

Departments of Note


  • Miskatonic University of Oregon, 666 Miskatonic Drive, Dark Falls, OR 97138


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